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Kilcoy murder
Police searching for killer hunter
Zulikha Razack displaying marks on her hand that she sustained during the struggle to wrest the gun from the attacker

A 30-year-old hunter of Kilcoy, Corentyne cold-bloodedly gunned down the husband of his ex-lover around 5:30 pm on Wednesday in a fit of jealousy and police are on the hunt for him.

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Ahmad Razack, a 49-year-old cane harvester of 'Kilcoy Front' sustained a single gunshot wound to his right ear at close range and appeared to have died instantly. The suspect's wife and father are in police custody assisting with investigations.

While this newspaper was there yesterday, rumours were spreading in the village that the suspect had hung himself in the backdam but police sources say they were unable to confirm this.

Razack's wife Zulikha, 43, told Stabroek News that she and her husband left home on a bicycle around 4:45 pm to pick up bricks from her mother's yard at `Kilcoy Back' when the suspect pounced on them.

She said "all I hear is a loud noise and at the same time me hear me husband shout 'Bee' [her nickname] and when me turn around me see me he fall to the ground. Smoke was coming out of his ear"

Ahmad Razack

She said before she could do anything, the suspect snatched her from behind and told her that he wanted the two of them "to go away far." She said she was afraid that he would turn the gun on her so she agreed to go with him.

She said as he attempted to flee with her through an abandoned rice field behind the house - from where he apparently entered - he told her "ah gon carry yuh behind there and buss yuh belly."

The woman said he held onto her hand and dragged her to the back and said "ah gon shoot you and shoot meself. But me grab the gun and he try to tek it away from me. We start fuh scramble and roll pon de ground."

She said her attacker rolled among some bushes and she took the opportunity to run but he pursued her and grabbed her hair. She jerked away and strands of her hair got entangled between his fingers.

She said he again threatened to shoot her and she told him to go ahead and "shoot me." But as luck would have it, the hair in his hands prevented him from pulling the trigger. He then turned back and bolted through the rice field.

Zulikha, who suffered bruises on her right hand and other parts of her body during the scuffle, said relatives and other persons living nearby witnessed the incident but they were afraid to intervene because the attacker had a gun.

She admitted to this newspaper that she and the suspect shared a relationship for a few years but said she ended it five months ago. However, her younger, jilted lover kept calling her cellular phone. She said she ignored all his calls and would even turn the phone off to avoid him.

She learnt that her attacker was drinking with his friends earlier and said that was the only reason she managed to overpower him. "If he wasn't drunk ah woulda never manage him and he woulda shoot me," she stated. She said that when they were together the suspect was abusive but she always tried to fight back.

She said in the past he threatened to kill her, her husband and her son and she reported the threats to the Albion Police Station but they never took any action.

Her daughter, Zorifa told this newspaper on the day of the incident the man called twice on her mother's phone but she disconnected the calls on both occasions.

According to Zulikha, as she and Razack were going to pick up the bricks they passed the suspect standing on the street. Reports are that he returned home and told his wife and father that he was "going to shoot two birds," when in fact he premeditated to follow the couple and attack them.

Zorifa said shortly after her parents left home she got a message that her mother was calling her "right away." She said she saw a crowd and thought that her mother and the suspect had a fight again or that he had a problem with her father.

But she said when she entered the yard she saw her father lying face down in a pool of blood with his feet pulled up slightly and she started to scream.

In tears the girl told this newspaper, "My father did not deserve to die like this. He was a quiet and good man; he never troubled anybody." She said even when the suspect would try to pick a fight with her father he would just walk away.