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Court told…
Teen drugged parents to effect abduction scam
- ‘Canal girl’ placed ‘sleeping tablets’ in roti, curry and tea so that she can go to the ‘Radika’ show
By Telesha Vidya Persaud
A 19-YEAR-OLD who allegedly participated in a scam to have her parents drugged so that an abduction could have been effected, appeared in Court yesterday.

Amanda Rampersaud, of Lot 28 Geneva, Canal Number One Polder, West Bank Demerara, was charged jointly with her cousin, Indranie Devi Shamlall, who did not appear because Police were unable to find her.

It is alleged that between May 2 and 3 last, at their home, they deliberately and unlawfully caused Naresh and Salima Rampersaud to be affected by an overpowering drug, sleeping tablets, put in their food to facilitate the commission of the indictable offence.

Rampersaud pleaded not guilty and was remanded to prison overnight, to make her next appearance today, at Wales Court also on the West Bank Demerara, to where the case has been transferred.

The Police Prosecutor, Inspector Denise Griffith said Rampersaud placed the tablets in roti, curry and tea of which her parents partook.

Griffith said the aim of the drugging was also to allow Rampersaud and her co-defendant to attend the ‘Radika’ show in Georgetown recently.

The Prosecutor said her parents would, usually, not permit Rampersaud to leave the house and she had plotted to let two men she knew abduct them and demand money for their release.

However, for some reason Rampersaud decided not to execute the plan and told the men she would get money from a bank and give them.

The Prosecutor said, since then, Shamlall cannot be located.

The magistrate warned Rampersaud that the crime is punishable by life imprisonment for a convict.

Thursday, July 09, 2009