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Teenaged rape victims escape after days in captivity


Police have arrested a man who was part of a gang of four who abducted two young Amerindian girls and held them for four days, having sex with them repeatedly.

The girls managed to escape from the harrowing ordeal on Tuesday by ripping out a board from a squatter house aback of Le Meridian Pegasus, where they were held.

A police report stated that the girls aged 15 and 12 years old, who live with their 71-year-old grandmother on the Linden/Soesdyke Highway, were standing on the road near Land Creek around 11:00 hours on October 29, when four men pulled up alongside them in a car.

A police source said the two men emerged from the car and after stripping the girls, ordered them at gunpoint into the vehicle.

The girls were taken to a shack near the Kingston Seawalls where the gang raped them repeatedly.

On Tuesday, three of the men left the girls in the custody of their other accomplice.

The source said that a few hours after the three men left, their accomplice, locked the girls in the shack and went out.

Sensing a good opportunity to escape, the girls proceeded to rip out a board from one of the walls and obtained their freedom.

They reported their ordeal to the police, who quickly apprehended one of the suspects.

The hunt is on for the other three men.

Friday, November, 05, 2004