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Murdered Non Pareil businessman's son held in probe

-relatives baffled

The son of murdered Non Pareil businessman, Davechand Appanna has been held by police as investigations continue into his father's death which occurred over three months ago.

The son  and two reporters allegedly breached the police barrier and entered the home 

Khemraj Appanna, 23, of Courbane Park, Annandale, East Coast Demerara was at the Police Traffic headquarters last Friday to process a licence when he was arrested and taken to the Criminal Investigation Department.

The man's relatives told this newspaper that he has since been questioned in relation to his father's murder which occurred at the hands of six bandits. Davechand's wife, Hemrajie, was also wounded in the attack and had to be hospitalised.

Relatives say Khemraj has since given a statement to police at the Cove and John station which, according to the police, matched information they had received earlier. Khemraj's relatives are baffled at the police's latest action noting that though the murder occurred since August the police had not held him.

Asked what might have caused the police to make such a move, relatives said Khemraj, who had not been living with his parents at the time of the attack, had entered the home before the police carried out their tests and his fingerprints might have been found on the scene. Khemraj, they said, had also held his father's dead body in the house.

Relatives also told this newspaper yesterday that since the murder of Davechand Appanna no one has given an official statement to the police and Khemraj's statement on Friday would be the first from the family. Police had tried to get a statement from Hemrajie but her medical condition made this impossible at the time. The only other person who was in the house at the time was the couple's 13-year-old daughter and she too has not given a statement.

Following the young man's arrest on Friday relatives made contact with the police who they say promised to free him on Saturday. However, up to press time yesterday he was still in custody and police have not made contact with his family.

Police had followed a trail which their tracker dog had made for them and arrested six men on the said morning of Appanna's murder. All six persons were subsequently released.