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Benschop, Witter protest at OP

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Mark Benschop (left) and Norris Witter during their protest at Office of the President yesterday.

In wake of the revelations coming out of the courtroom in New York as the Robert Simels witness tampering trial commenced, controversial talk show host Mark Benschop and trade unionist Norris Witter have moved their protest to the Office of the President.
Yesterday around noon the duo began a peaceful protest in Shiv Chanderpaul Drive, outside Office of the President.
Speaking to the media trade unionist Norris Witter said that with the information emanating from the court implicating Health Minister Dr. Leslie Ramsammy an impartial and independent investigation should be conducted.
Norris said a thorough investigation should be carried out in the activities of the ‘Phantom squad’.

Why the PPP keeps Indians out of the army?  Winston_Felix

“The fact that the administration has fail so far to carrying out any inquiry clearly shows that they are afraid that the investigation will lead right back to them,” Witter said.
Witter said that all this happenings of torture and the alleged Government’s connection with Roger Khan goes to show that the Presidential Commission of Enquiry Board is self-serving.
The duo further called for the immediate resignation of the Health Minister and the Commissioner of Police.
Benschop told the media that given the recent revelation, the Commissioner of Police should also be held accountable.
Benschop said that Commissioner of Police Henry Greene’s credibility has been questioned.
Benschop further lamented that the police are seeking former Chief Magistrate Juliet Holder-Allen.
He noted, that is very suspicious given the fact that the Fire Chief who should be the spokesperson about the fire and the investigation has been told to ‘shut up’.
“What we need to look at is the fact that the President and the Commissioner have taken over the investigation and we should ask why,” Benschop said.
He added that there is evidence that persons within the Ministry of Health were responsible for the fire and yet other innocent persons are being picked up and tortured for the incident.
In the meantime, the duo said they will continue to protest and they plan to get the public involved since they have reached the point of frustration.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

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