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Better expected from present leadership

Dear Editor: The Indo-Guyanese people have suffered for over 28 years under the PNC regime. Today they continue that suffering because of misguided loyalty to the leadership of the PPP/CIVIC Government. The consesus of opinion at any Guyanese gathering here in Canada and many readers of your papers suggests that Bharat Jagdeo has proved himself to be an ineffectual Leader due primarily to his inexperience. He does not have a clue of how to deal with the state of lawlessness in Guyana; he gives in, it seems, to every demand made of him by the opposition PNC Leader; he devalues democracy - all of this in his rush to please the Opposition Party.

You need not be an intellectual to understand that whatever agreement he forged with the PNC Leader will be short lived...that is until the next General Election when, if the PNC looses, history will repeat itself. Can he not see that he has made a hero of the Opposition Leader? An Opposotion Leader who was in a hopeless position can now secure for his supporters certain preferential benefits and manipulate himself out of his failure, thanks to Jagdeo.

Bharat Jagdeo has taken the support of the Indian people for granted, he gives them no protection; every Indian life that is lost seems a simple statistic, nothing more. This man threatens indirectly our people’s safety, their culture, their religion. He has, it seems, been given a full reign to do as he pleases and the time has now come after many years of tolerance to bring this farce to an end.

I and many other Guyanese feel Jagdeo should be called upon to resign...yes resign and have another member of the Cabinet take over the Presidency, someone who has the guts to look the Opposition Leader in the eye and call his bluff. Someone who believes in democracy and who will implement the policies that the Government was voted on, with or without the presence of the opposition in Parliament. Someone who would seek outside help to ensure a proper police presence in Guyana and who would cleanse the Force and the Army of ineffectual and corrupt officers. Someone who would racially balance the security forces, professionalise those bodies and get after the criminals.

Every citizen of Guyana be he Indian, African, Portuguese, etc must be free to walk the streets in safety, practise their culture and their religion without any fear whatsoever. Stability in Guyana will only be achieved if the question of law and order is addressed as a priority. This President has not and cannot deliver. He is a failure and must resign now.

Taij Seetaram via Email


Indo Caribbean World

h, 2003