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The PPP/C stands to gain from the situation in Buxton

Dear Editor,

I would like to ask the question, who has got more to gain from the situation in Buxton, the PPP/C or the PNCR?

At the height of the crime wave in 2002/3 it was hotly rumoured among the Guyanese Diasporas in the USA that the PPP/C had knowledge of who was behind it. I had chosen not to believe this.

Then came Fahrenheit 9/11 and as I watched in disbelief at what it was saying, I started believing that rumour about the PPP/C.

The leadership of this government and the PPP/C have chosen not to rid Buxton of the rogues that roam there. However, let us ask ourselves who has ever succeeded in escaping from Buxton after being kidnapped? I know only of two persons. One was a US diplomat and on his release, the US Government issued a wanted bulletin for Dale Moore, who was gunned down the same week. The other was a businessman, who was rescued with the help of the GDF and is said to be a relative of the President, his mother's cousin. Is it coincidence that these two persons were saved and to date no one else has been?

It is common knowledge that the race vote has played a very active part in our elections. Thus, the PPP/C has seen it convenient to leave the situation in Buxton as it is in the hope that Indians will feel insecure and do everything in their power to ensure that the PNCR never gets into power.

Yours faithfully,

Ameer Ulmajid