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Cops seek former Chief Magistrate

 By KNews | Filed Under News 

-Archie Poole detained, more charges likely today

By Michael Jordan

Former Chief Magistrate Juliet Holder-Allen is to turn herself in for questioning today in connection with the July 17 conflagration that destroyed the Health Ministry building in Brickdam.
Mrs. Holder-Allen is the presidential candidate for the recently-established National Democratic Party. One of her party members, Keith Ferrier, was arrested at his National Avenue home, South Ruimveldt on Sunday.

Campbellville_bar  Disciplinary charges  Charges of carnal knowledge and buggery.

He is still in custody and is likely to appear in court today.
Speaking exclusively to the Kaieteur News, Mrs. Holder-Allen said that two senior police ranks, whom she named, visited her South Ruimveldt park home around 15:00 hrs yesterday when she was out.
When she returned home, her husband informed her that the police officers had stated that she was wanted for questioning at the Brickdam Police Station.
However, the former Chief Magistrate said that she was preparing to go to the station when her attorney instructed her not to submit herself for questioning without him being present.
Mrs. Holder-Allen said that she would speak to the police officials today. She added that she is at a loss to say what information the police may be seeking from her.
“I don’t know what the police want with me. I don’t steal, I don’t launder money, or steal from the national treasury,” she said while standing in close proximity to the Brickdam Police Station.
But the outspoken former Chief Magistrate said that she “knows where it is coming from,” indicating that is politically motivated by persons within the government.

Former Chief Magistrate Juliet Holder Allen

Archie Poole at the Brickdam Police Station

“The whole thing is to make me leave Guyana so I will not consolidate my party…This is not the first time that the PPP is getting at me.

“We are under siege…we are being victimized by new slave masters…I am calling on people to walk the streets tomorrow (today) with their sons and daughters (in protest).”
Commenting on the arrest of party member, Keith Ferrier, who is also a relative, Mrs. Holder-Allen alleged that she had visited the Brickdam Police Station when he was detained, but was not allowed to see him.
Mrs. Holder-Allen had opted for early retirement in 2008 after the Judicial Services Commission removed her from her post in 2004, in the wake of allegations which the former Chief Magistrate repeatedly said were untrue and were politically motivated.
She had stated since then of entering the political fray, to stem the alleged wrong-doing by the present government.
News of police officials’ interest in Mrs. Holder-Allen followed the arrest yesterday of businessman and ACDA member, Archie Poole, who police said was wanted for questioning in connection with the fire.
Poole was also arrested at his Soesdyke/Linden home and detained at Brickdam Police Station.
He scuffled briefly with police ranks as he was being placed in the Brickdam lockups.
He was visited by his attorney, Mortimer Coddette.
Kaieteur News understands that police also detained Kurt Brown, a Norton Street, Lodge resident in connection with the arson investigation.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009