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Criminal elements must be  removed from our society

Dear Editor,

Every day we look at the television and newspapers and the first thing we are confronted with is another murder/robbery. These recent killings which have been taking place in our society are detrimental to our development.

The criminal elements within our society must be removed.

The Guyana Police Force is doing its best, but come on please, I know they can do a lot more. The Government has spent a lot of money in trying to equip them.

Sugrim and Rajmat Soodin robbed  Corrupted-officers-court  Smash-up-_Leonora

And as soon as the police catch or shoot a criminal, the Human Rights Association is down their throats. Where are they now? Why aren't they saying anything?

I am calling on all Guyanese to support the fight against crime in an effort to save the nation.

Lisa Persaud

Saturday 12-24-2005