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From : "safeena" |     
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Subject : Re: [Guyanese Group] Credits to the phantom squad!!
Date : Wed, Apr 13, 2005 11:27 AM
















































































































I support the "death squad" and despite the investigations, we all 
that they exist or at least existed until Frazer was murdered.  If it 
weren't for the death squad, my dad would have been killed by the men 
who kidnapped him, so to the death squad, I will be eternally grateful.

I know that people who have not been a part of a hold up, kidnapping, 
or lost a member of their family to ruthless thieves and murderers 
would not understand why we do support the death squad, but like Asif 
pointed out, everyone is entitled to their opinions.

Given all that has been happening in Guyana and with the police force 
being unable to enforce law and order, the people of Guyana needed the 
death squad.  I think we all know that every government has their 
dark "ops" squads, so why not Guyana?  I would prefer having the death 

squad in place doing what they do best rather than a bunch of bandits 
running around kidnapping, raping and murdering innocent 
people...wouldn't you??