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Members of the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha Nitra Sangh (left) gracefully in resplendent colours performing a traditional Indian dance during the event hosted by the President to mark the observance of Deepavali.

(Right) A section of the large gathering yesterday on the lawns of state House. Front row L-R Mrs. Reepu Daman Persaud, Pandit Reepu Daman Persaud, President Jagdeo, Prime Minister Sam Hinds and Minister within the Ministry of Labour, Human Services and Social Security, Ms. Bibi Shadick.








































































































I call on all Guyanese Organizations in Canada and USA not to sit idly by whilst our brothers and sisters, the unfortunate ones still in Guyana are being killed, raped, or have their properties destroyed or stolen.

Bharat has failed to provide them with the necessary protection every Guyanese deserves. They go to bed not knowing if they will see the next day alive

Taij Ramnarace (UK) Criminal Lawyer      TradeWinds  on Shivnaraine


22nd October, 2003 

Press Release 


This year, like last year, Deepavali is being celebrated under a cloud of darkness for Hindus in Guyana and Trinidad, as the Hindu community continues to come under vicious attack. The festivities and celebration of Deepavali this year is itself a story of triumph and heroism in the face of continued assaults on the Indian community.

 As the darkest night of Kartik is lit up with thousands of diyas, and as we commemorate the victory of Shri Ram, the Prince of Ayodhya, as he returned home in triumph with his wife Sita who he rescued from the clutches of the evil Ravan, the struggle, the bravery and the fight that preceded that glorious welcome must be remembered. Shri Ram, with focus and determination and strategy, fought valiantly and fearlessly to defeat his enemy. 

This Deepavali, GIHA urges the Hindu community, as they celebrate, to do so in unity and to come together and demonstrate intolerance for the kidnapping and disappearance of Vivickanan Nandalall, a devout hindu lad, who was mercilessly snatched only a week ago plunging his whole family and community into mourning and distress. To do anything less is to betray the teachings of Shri Ram, and to make mockery of the message of Deepavali. All Guyana, and Hindus, in particular, can find hope as they identify with the great victory of Ram over the evil Ravan. During the long years of struggle, neither Shri Ram and nor his wife Sita compromised any of their values and their fight was an honourable one. Until Hindus in Guyana begin to reawaken that spirit of courage and bravery within them, only then will the assault and the brutality end.

 Like Shri Ram, Indians in Guyana know the enemy: those who kill us, who kidnap us and who support them. And those who preach an adharmic, dishonourable message: those who advise that Indians bear up and accept our beatings, who have conditioned Indians to become docile, who try to extinguish us by promotion of a racism of oneness and who keep us in a state of drunkenness. GIHA calls on Indian men, in particular, to first identify the enemies, recognize the shocking betrayal, and then take up the mantle of defending the Indian communities and returning dignity to our people. 

This Deepavali, GIHA cautions Indian men that the rum culture was foisted upon them deliberately to permanently numb the senses. A sober mind is required to strategise for strength and dignity. GIHA hopes again, like it did last year, that the Hindu community, the bearers of the Deepavali lights, will lead the way in showing the courage and strength of Shri Ram and Mother Durga so that this Deepavali can usher in the onset of happiness and prosperity and the destruction of spiritual darkness.