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Mystery over death of man at dump site - found with deep head wound

Musaff Yusuff

A 19-year-old man of Anna Catherina, West Coast Demerara died on Thursday evening under mysterious circumstances at the Mandela Avenue dumpsite.

Musaff Yusuff had his head smashed in while dumping garbage at the site.

Police have detained three of his fellow workers and have questioned other garbage collectors.

Shanaaz Azeen, the dead man's sister, told Stabroek News yesterday that they have been receiving conflicting reports as to how Yusuff died. She said his workmates are saying that he fell off the truck but other persons have said that he was lashed in his head.

Azeen said Yusuff is employed at a lemonade factory located on the Vreed-en-Hoop Public Road. The factory also does garbage collecting. Azeen said Yusuff left for work early Thursday morning and was due to arrive home around 7 pm that evening. She said at around 8 pm he did not return and his mother, Bibi Azeen became very worried. The woman made a call to his employer and they advised her that he was not back from Georgetown. The manager of the factory told her to call again around 9 pm but Bibi called at 11 pm instead. When Bibi called this time around the manager told her that Yusuff had sustained a lash on his head and was at the La Penitence Police Station.

Rushing down to the station, Bibi said when she got there the police informed her that her son had died around 7 pm. A distraught Bibi returned to the West Coast of Demerara and visited the factory.

She was furious that the manager knew that her son had died since 7 pm but withheld the information from her. Stabroek News was unable to make contact with the manager despite visiting where he lives and telephoning.

Bibi and other relatives said they do not believe the story of the workmates. They said that if Yusuff had fallen off the truck he would not have sustained such a serious injury. Yusuff leaves to mourn four siblings.