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Former Chief Magistrate to turn self in today

 | By KNews | Filed Under News 

- calls arson allegations “a blatant lie”

By Michael Jordan

Former Chief Magistrate Juliet Holder-Allen

Former Chief Magistrate Juliet Holder-Allen yesterday stated that allegations that a vehicle she owns was at a house where ‘channa bombs’ were made were “a blatant lie”.
But she said that she will submit herself for questioning at the Brickdam Police Station around 08:00 hrs today. She is urging her supporters to come out in their numbers in Brickdam “to show that good will triumph over evil.”
“All the people who are my supporters, who prayed…who are following my story on the road of injustice, can fill the streets of Brickdam today to show that good will triumph over evil,” she told Kaieteur News. Mrs. Holder-Allen is the presidential candidate for the recently-established National Democratic Party, and she warned that there “will be problems if I am arrested and thrown in jail”.
“My party represents the hope for a bright and productive future for people who are intelligent. Courageous and competent, and …I will call on them to fill the streets day after day till this evil is purged.”
Mrs. Holder-Allen’s remarks came after President Bharrat Jagdeo stated at a press conference that Holder’s vehicle was seen at “the Meadow Brook house where the bombs were made.”
President Jagdeo added that Keith Ferrier, called General, who was charged yesterday and is a relative of Holder-Allen’s, is one of the “so called recruiters.”
Vehemently denying this report, the former Chief Magistrate said that only she and her husband drive her vehicle. She added that on the night before the torching of the Ministry, she and her husband retired to bed around 07:00 hrs and were still there when the building went up in flames.
“I was not at any fire. I did not plan any fire. He (Jagdeo) knows that he can’t put me at the scene of any fire. That report (by Jagdeo) is a blatant lie.”
And responding to President’s statement that she was seen protesting outside the Police headquarters the day before the fire, Mrs. Holder-Allen wondered whether she was being victimised for that.
“These people are saying that once you protest you will be victimised. You are telling me that because I was the fifth protester that you are going to bring down the whole police force on me?”
The former Chief Magistrate also queried whether the police were pursuing with the same alacrity, the persons who murdered her brother, Mineo Holder, some 15 months ago at Linden.
On Monday, Mrs. Holder-Allen told Kaieteur News that two senior police ranks, whom she named, visited her South Ruimveldt Park home around 15:00 hrs yesterday when she was out.
On her return, Mrs. Holder-Allen said she was informed that two police officers, whom she identified, had stated that she `was wanted for questioning at the Brickdam Police Station. Mrs. Holder-Allen also said that police officers again visited her home again yesterday.

Thursday, July 30, 2009