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Assistant Superintendent accused of gun butting civilian

 By knews | Filed Under News 

Allan Dummett

NEW AMSTERDAM, BERBICE – A civilian is claiming that an Assistant Superintendent attached to the Whim Police Station brutalized him.
The man making the allegation, Allan Dummett, a 42-year-old minibus driver of Salton Farm on the Corentyne, is now sporting a swollen lip and jaw after the alleged incident.
He claims that last Sunday night he was a passenger in his friend’s car. At the time the vehicle was parked on Strand, New Amsterdam in the vicinity of the Central Police Station while the driver was soliciting passengers. He said that it was about 19:00 hours.
He said that after waiting for some time on his friend to get the passengers he became impatient and, using expletives, he informed his friend that he would pay for the empty seats.
“I was in the front seat. I feel a hand touch me at the back by me shoulder, when I look around I see the police. He tell me he want me at the station.”
In shock he said that he enquired if there was a problem? “The policeman raise up he uniform shirt, pull out his gun and tek the gun and broadside it to me mouth. I then tell he, ‘Buddy me ain’t do you nothing.’ He stepped back, cock the gun and point it at me.”
The man said he continued to ask what was the reason for such action as he walked over to the Central Police Station. He was subsequently told that he had behaved in a disorderly manner.
Allan Dummett said he was sent away an hour later with instructions to go back yesterday. When he returned the ranks gave him a medical certificate and he went to the New Amsterdam Hospital.
A source from Division ‘B’ of the Guyana Police Force said that a statement was taken from the victim. He was also sent to the New Amsterdam Hospital for a medical examination and the matter is under investigation.
The file is to be sent to the Office of the DPP, through the Commissioner of Police, for advice.
(Melissa Johnson)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009