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Man charged for impregnating niece, 15

- pretend  to be casting out demons from the child

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A 33-year-old cane cutter and married father of two, of Adelphi Village East Canje, Berbice, was on Monday, last, charged with having carnal knowledge of his 15-year-old niece and impregnating her.
The man was on arraigned before Magistrate Adela Nagamootoo at the New Amsterdam Magistrate’s Court and was granted bail to the tune of $120,000.


The charge states that between October 1 and October 31, 2011, at Glasgow Village East Bank Berbice, the accused had sex on several occasions with the teenager.
Reports are that the man who professed himself to be a ‘wuckman’ would regularly visit the home of his relatives at Glasgow and on a number of visits during the aforementioned dates, he would pretend  to be casting out demons from the child and engage in sexual intercourse with her.  The child subsequently became sick and was found to be pregnant.
He was later arrested and charged.
The magistrate ordered that the accused should not go within 300 yards of the Virtual Complainant and is to report to the Reliance Police Station every Tuesday.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012