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Information filtering?

IT HAS been held that it is no secret that the opposition has been overtly trying to overthrow the democratically elected government.

They have been drumming up all kinds of nonsensical reasoning to justify their alleged actions. Now it has been brought to light that this election seems to be their do or die effort to create chaos and destruction to cripple the government and force it out of power by whatever force necessary.

Known opposition Member of Parliament

The alleged recent conversations between the Commissioner of Police and a known opposition Member of Parliament leave one to wonder what is really happening in Guyana.

Imagine this is the chief cop and as claimed on the tape he is sarcastically joking about missing high powered weapons. This is really unacceptable. As a Guyanese I am joining with other Guyanese in demanding that the Commissioner of Police should do the decent thing and resign.

What kind of information filtering is being done by the chief cop and the opposition?

If I remember correctly the PNCR and its supporters demanded that the former Home Affairs Minister resign for alleged wrongdoings on the basis of similar phone conversations.

I am getting the impression that the opposition is in bed with these criminals creating havoc in my homeland and it also seems they know a lot more about missing weapons than meets the eyes. If as is claimed that the opposition will refuse to participate in the elections and then use the weapons to create terror and disturbance around the country, I will urge my fellow Guyanese to demand international forces be allowed in to provide protection in a professional manner for our brothers and sisters.

A few sources are alleging that the PNCR terror scheme is already under way and things will heat up more seriously come closer to the elections. This is foreboding for the Guyanese people.

What is the government waiting for after so many bloodbaths on the people of Guyana? How many more of us will have to die unnecessarily before the government brings in overseas professional police personnel to work alongside our own police officers to prevent further bloodshed and put an end to the unethical practices going on?

It has become too obvious that some cops in Guyana have failed the people of Guyana miserably when it comes to professional performance of their duties and responsibilities. Where in the world would cops less than five minutes away refuse to turn up at the scene of the crime in action until the criminal acts have been completed and the criminals have left?

How long has this been going on for? Who is accountable? Who was at the station when the reports were made? Who took the reports? Why was no action taken immediately?

Why aren't heads rolling and disciplinary action taken?

It is not only disrespectful to the Guyanese people but downright disgraceful that every time a crime is being committed the telephone lines are non-functioning. Who has responsibility for monitoring the calls coming in from citizens under attack? Who is disseminating information about reports coming in and to whom? Why does it seem like these hot lines are always being jammed whenever a crime is taking place?

What is GT&T doing about this kind of nefarious repeated activity?

These are issues that have to be dealt with head-on and cannot continue to be ignored by the government and those who have responsibility for such matters.

Friday, March 24, 2006