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Crime fighting, missing AK-47s…

Roger Khan calls names in latest statement

                       Roger Khan - Stabroek News

 Embattled businessman Roger Khan yesterday issued a statement naming persons whom he said he had been in contact with in the efforts to combat crime and recover 30 AK-47s stolen from the Guyana Defence Force (GDF).

In a statement issued through his lawyers, Khan said the denial of the US embassy concerning a meeting held with him at the Ocean View International Hotel on March 6, 2006, confirms the plot involving the US Government, the PNCR, Guyana Police Force (GPF) and the GDF in their efforts to neutralise him and other businessmen.

The GPF has issued wanted bulletins for Khan and three others in connection with the disappearance of the weapons.

A US grand jury has indicted Khan for his alleged involvement in the importing of cocaine into the US .

Khan said the plot against him is intended to have groups like ‘the Buxton armed resistance' cause mayhem and an atmosphere of fear in the country.

According to him, the meeting with the US embassy officials was arranged and facilitated by leading members of the private sector who regularly meet with the US Ambassador and other embassy officials.

He said he was accompanied by close friends who are willing to come forward. He added that on duty at the hotel were staff members who are known to him.

Khan stated that he spoke personally with Brandon Lee, US Regional Security Officer, at least five times prior to the meeting, working out specifics such as place and time.

He said Lee was also present at the meeting.

Telephone records can show the flurry of calls between the private sector personalities and the US embassy, he said, and can also confirm possible calls made from the US embassy to the Ocean View International Hotel.

Khan related that present at the meeting were Deputy US Ambassador Michael Thomas and three others.

He pointed out that it is important to note that this meeting took place days after the US State Department issued its 2006 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report (INCSR) naming him as a “known drug trafficker” and more importantly, while a grand jury in New York was in the midst of deliberating on evidence alleging his involvement in a conspiracy.

“It is now clear to me that the US Government named me in the INCSR to purposely and mischievously influence the grand jury to return the indictment,” he said in the statement.

“The information contained in the INCSR 2006 is gathered by the local embassy and the grand jury process was deliberately abused for political reasons. The obvious question is why would the American Government fabricate and possibly allow perjurious testimony in the grand jury and naming me in the INCSR without a fair trial?”

Khan declared that he attended the meeting at Ocean View in good faith and with a clear conscience.

He said he discussed in detail the present crime situation and how it relates to Commissioner of Police Winston Felix and GDF Brigadier General Eddie Collins.

Khan said he presented evidence to show strong political motives for not deliberately confronting certain factions and groups of criminals, such as the Buxton armed resistance.

Khan said he also gave a detailed account regarding certain actions of the Commissioner of Police.


Khan disclosed that he shared with the American diplomats his involvement with the GDF's attempts to recover the missing AK-47s.

He said he supplied information to the GDF about members of a political party whom he claimed were involved in the theft of the weapons and the consequential deliberate attempts by the GDF to divert the investigation.

Khan admitted that he was in daily contact with Major Denzel Carmichael, Major Sherwin Anderson and Lt. Col. Andrew Pompey of the GDF, and claimed that he was debriefed daily on the status of the ongoing investigation.

This, he said, was all taking place with the knowledge of Brigadier General Collins.

He stated that it was to his disbelief that just 13 days after the meeting took place that he became the subject of one of the largest joint operations ever undertaken in the history of the Joint Services.

“It then became obvious to me that the American diplomats were working closely with the PNCR, the Commissioner of Police and Brigadier Collins towards the attainment of one political objective,” he contended.

“It is also no accident that the Guyana Police Force and the Guyana Defence Force, despite weeks of joint operations in civil society, for the stated purpose of recovering 30 AK-47 assault rifles and other guns stolen from the GDF, have failed to recover a single stolen AK-47.”

He is of the view that such failure must be due to the unwillingness or disinclination on the part of the security forces as evidenced by the contents of the purported conversation between Commissioner Felix and an opposition PNCR Member of Parliament.

He believes that the focus of the joint operations has been persons alleged to be involved in drug-trafficking and who are unlikely to evoke open public sympathy or government support.

He opined that the purpose of the focus is to drive underground the only persons who have the will and the capability to stand up to the group of armed bandits and have demonstrated the inclination to do so – thereby removing the only impediment to the criminal and political operations of the so-called ‘armed African resistance fighters'.

Khan said in the current state of affairs, it is obvious that the PPP/C administration, even if it wins the next election, will be vulnerable to instability through politically directed terrorist and savage conduct by an armed criminal group operating unopposed.

He charged that it is now confirmed that the US Government, through the US Embassy, has played its part in supporting the retention of Felix in office despite his performance, under the guise that the Commissioner has been instrumental in carrying an offensive against persons alleged to be involved in drug-trafficking.

He noted that prior to March 19, last, the Commissioner never conducted operations of this magnitude against persons alleged to be involved in drug-trafficking.

Khan stated that the primary objective of the US does not lie in combating narco-trafficking but in acquiring a strong foothold in Guyana for the purpose of regaining dominance in Latin America which is increasingly being lost to President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez.

Khan said the PPP/C Government is leftist but weak even though it has the capacity to win the next general elections.

Therefore, it does not take much in terms of US subversive activities to ensure that the leftist PPP/C is removed from political office and replaced by a government pliable to US wishes and dominance.

“Failure to subvert the PPP/C will have serious consequences of US losing whatever dominance it has remaining in Latin America as a whole,” Khan stated.

“The US can ill afford not to ensure that Guyana has a government pliable to its wishes and dominance: a US lackey government.”

He reasoned that it would be undesirable for the US to inspire an outright military coup against the PPP/C administration in the event that that party is successful in the next general elections.

He surmised that the plan is therefore to neutralise the security forces to ensure the existence of the armed group of bandits which are subject to political direction while at the same time removing or disabling those that are inclined to oppose.

Khan is of the view that the PPP/C Government can easily be destabilized directly by the politically directed criminal elements which he said are part and parcel of civil society.

The embattled businessman declared that Plan A is designed to ensure that potential PPP/C supporters either leave the country or refrain from voting at the next general elections.

Sporadic terrorist acts are the key, he said, citing the assassination of Minister Satyadeow Sawh and his siblings and the brutal assault on Agricola in which eight persons died.

In such a case, if the PPP/C were to lose, it will be said that it lost in fair and free elections even though such elections were attended with extreme fear on the part of the PPP/C supporters.

Khan said Plan B assumes that the PPP/C, despite the terrorism, is successful at the forthcoming elections.

His analysis is that in such an event, the PPP/C Government will be destabilized and brought down by a proactive, politically motivated criminal group which will be classified as part and parcel of civil society and by negativism on the part of the security forces.

He stated that the suppression of persons such as himself who are fiercely antagonistic to the bandit elements has particular relevance to Plan B.

Their dominant objective is to curtail the growing dominance of the leftist movement in Latin America with emphasis on President Chavez of Venezuela .

Khan made it clear that his past, present and future energies to combat crime in Guyana has as its motive the prevention of the loss of innocent lives and the arrest and capture of factions and groups not unlike ‘the armed resistance'.

Khan noted that he has never been affiliated to any political party nor will he ever take instructions from them as he holds both the PPP/C and PNCR directly responsible for the current state of affairs in Guyana .

When Khan first leveled his accusations against the United States embassy, an official stated that the US does not support coups.

The embassy subsequently issued a statement inviting Khan to apply for a visa like any other person and travel to the United States to prove his case in the courts.

Sunday 05-21-2006