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I prefer the Phantoms to the criminals

Dear Editor,

I've heard the call from certain sectors of our society calling for an investigation of the so called "Phantom" group and for the dismantling and possible imprisonment of its members.

The last time such a call was made was in connection with the Quick Reaction Group of the Guyana Police Force, but history recalls that as soon as the Quick Reaction Squad was dismantled, every petty criminal and gun toting murderer came out of their holes and created havoc on the lives of ordinary Guyanese. Robbery, kidnapping and murder became a way of life in Guyana with the majority of us on the receiving end of this horrible period.

Can the PNC, WPA and ACDA give us the assurance that once the "Phantoms" are retired, those vicious cut-throats and AK47 killers who once controlled Bux-ton and who are now in hiding thanks to the "Phantoms" will not suddenly return and restart their reign of terror since we all know that the Police and the Army are incapable of dealing with these killers.

For me the choice is easy, it's either the Phantoms or the AK47 killers from Buxton, as for the Police and the Army, I see them in their present state as a waste of national funds.

Yours faithfully,

Bryan Mackintosh